The New Londoners The New Londoners

The New Londoners Photobook -photography book documenting and celebrating London's unique cultural richness.

After four years, we are delighted to have completed The New Londoners project with 164 families from 186 countries taking part. We are now aiming to publish the photography book by the end of March 2019 to coincide with a small exhibition at the British Library, which has taken the full portfolio set of 164 prints into their archive collection as a permanent record and historic reference of who we are now.

I feel very strongly that this project should also be made available to a wider audience in the form of a book that will record these significant changes.The New Londoners, will be my eleventh book, will run to 350 pages, 1,500 copies, and it will be one of the most important books that I have had published. Dewi Lewis Publishing an independent, experienced and prestigious British publisher, has agreed to publish it but due to the sheer size of this project external funding is required.

Therefore, we have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help crowdfund the costs associated with producing The New Londoners book. Have a look at the special rewards you can get. There are limited edition posters, The New Londoners book itself, two lucky dips, portfolio reviews, or even a family portrait session with myself only available through this Kickstarter campaign. 

The official book launch is on April 4th at the Migration Museum which will also be hosting a larger exhibition of the project.

We very much appreciate any support you can give to this campaign. Thank you for helping celebrate London’s fabulous cultural richness -of which we are all a part!

Chris and the Team